Junior Entrepreneur Showcase

Over the past year the sixth class in room 15, with assistance from Ms Timbs and Ms
Walsh, have participated in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. We have been
working hard on this project and here is what we’ve done so far.

At the start we were split into four teams and each group they decided on an idea.
After they did that the teachers brought in dragons like in the show The Dragon 's
Den. The idea is that four people (the Dragons) voted for which idea they thought
was the best.
The dragons we had were our principal Mr Kirwan, Mr Briody and Ms Timbs’s good
friend Gary (who has his own photography business). The 4 ideas were a woodwork
pencil holder business, a lucky bag business, pet rocks and a shoe cleaning
business. After a tense few minutes the dragons came to a decision and between
the four three of them had voted for the pet rocks.

Later in February we had an entrepreneur come into our school. Her name was Lee
Tracey. She told us everything about her co-owned business Reformation Yoga and
Pilates Studio. Towards the end of her visit we got to do some yoga.
A while later we had to find out how much it would cost to make one of our pet rocks.
We got 100 googly eyes for 2 euro and 33 cents. We got all the paint and colours we
needed for 29 euro.
We then decided which team we wanted to be on. The options were: Market
Research, Communications, Finance, Design & Production and Sales Team.

We are now currently preparing posters and flyers. We are also working on figuring
out how much to sell the rocks for and profit. Our Showcase Day and Sales Day is
Friday The ninth of June.
I hope you join us at our sale and bring a lovely pet rock home with you!!

By Edward, Room 15

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