Student Council elections are held every September, when boys from each class are elected to represent their class. The Student Council meets every term to discuss their ideas for mating our school and school community a better place.

So far this year, the boys are working on:

  1. New tables and chairs for the classrooms
  2. Organising a charity fundraiser
  3. Establishing a Castle Cup that is a mixture of boys from different classes
  4. 6th Class Hoodies
  5. Homework Given on a Monday
  6. School Basketball Team

In 2022/2023 the boys were working on:

  1. Hidden disability awareness
  2. A school football team
  3. Lunchtime activities
  4. A new sensory room
  5. A Castle Cup in soccer
  6. No written homework on Thursdays
  7. An astro-turf pitch
  8. Litter-picking in the community