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Edmund Rice Schools Trust

Drimnagh Castle Primary School is a Catholic school, under the trusteeship of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust.

The Edmund Rice Schools Trust has responsibility for 96 schools, secondary and primary, in the Republic of Ireland. The Trust supports its schools and their students, teachers, principals and voluntary boards of management, members, directors and staff in line with the tenets of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust Charter.

Our schools promote equality of access and participation – in other words, children of any faith, or none, at every level of ability, of any nationality or ethnic grouping are all welcome in our schools. All of our schools recognise the uniqueness of each individual in caring communities where holistic development is nurtured.  Enrolment processes are open and flagged in advance. High educational, developmental and pastoral standards apply in all our schools.

In addition to the provision of high standards of excellence in teaching and learning, our schools uphold a strong sporting tradition, gaelic culture, and ethos of social justice. Inspired by the five key elements of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust Charter our schools are responding to a changing world and supporting the leaders of the future to work in partnership, care for the environment, look after themselves and others equally and be inspirational citizens.

Edmund Rice Schools Trust – Our Values:

The Edmund Rice School, in partnership with the home and the parish, is dedicated to providing and developing a Catholic education that cultivates a living faith, fosters Christian spirituality and cherishes Gospel based values. While promotion of the Christian ethos permeates the school, students of other faiths are welcomed and encouraged to grow in their own faith or religious practice. In this way we celebrate the richness and diversity of the school community

Inclusiveness, mutual respect and interdependence on each other are recognised as central to the development of the Edmund Rice School. Because parents/guardians are the primary educators of their children they are seen as key partners in the school community. Likewise, students are always encouraged to take leadership and responsibility and as such their voice is listened to. Partnership enables the Edmund Rice School Community – management, parents/guardians, teachers, students, support staff, – to grow in a shared, collegial vision of education, giving all involved a real sense of ownership of their school.

The Edmund Rice School is characterised by inspiring, purposeful and innovative teaching in an orderly, safe and positive learning environment. High expectations are set and students are enabled to attain excellence in all dimensions of their education. Recognising the uniqueness of each child means that they can grow through educational processes that are sensitive to their developmental stages and their social and cultural backgrounds.

The Edmund Rice School fosters in its members a sense of care, compassion and community. These values are reflected in the quality of relationships between all the school partners and in every interaction within the school and with outside agencies and communities. Commitment to social and ecological justice will be promoted, encouraged and developed within the school.

The Edmund Rice School is an inspirational place where all partners are encouraged to take ownership and exercise leadership. Our school leaders articulate a vision for their schools in keeping with the Edmund Rice tradition. They inspire minds and hearts, raise critical consciousness and cultivate a strong work ethic coupled with an enterprising spirit. Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to act as role models and provide leadership by inspiring confidence, gaining acceptance and bringing people with them to a better future.