Green Schools

In The Castle we have been a proud Green Schools since 2004. Over the years we have worked hard and been awarded a total of eight green flags:

  1. Litter and Waste
  2. Energy
  3. Water
  4. Travel
  5. Biodiversity
  6. Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste
  7. Global Citizenship – Energy
  8. Global Citizenship – Marine Environment

We are currently working towards our ninth flag, Global Citizenship – Travel.

Each year, the teachers nominate one boy to represent their class on the Green Schools Committee. They committee works on many different initiatives during the years including:

School Garden:

We’re very lucky to have a wonderful school garden on the grounds of the school, with raised beds and a polytunnel. Each class has the opportunity to visit the garden and to grow their own vegetables. We also have fruit bushes and fruit trees.

Plant Sale:

Each year, every class sows seeds and grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in their classrooms. These are then sold to families at our annual Plant Sale for them to plant in their own homes.

Daffodil Sale:

Every April, boys from the Green Schools Committee organise a Daffodil Sale in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. They boys pick daffodils that grow on the grounds of the school and sell bunches to parents/guardians and friends of the school.


In The Castle we do our very best to promote biodiversity through a variety of initiatives, including: composting, an insect hotel, the school pond, growing a native hedgerow, a wildflower bank and a wormery.

Walk on Wednesdays:

Every Wednesday, we encourage the boys to walk, scoot, cycle or park and stride to school.