Last month Mr O Connor’s Room 13 went on a trip to Milano’s on Dawson Street in the city centre. We got the 123 into the city center and walked to Dawson Street and eventually arrived at Milano’s. We first washed our hands and then got an apron and a hat with numbers on them. After that we practiced shaping out the dough into the pizza shape. After the practicing we got the proper dough and shaped out our base. After shaping out our bases we then put the sauce and cheese pieces on our pizza bases. Then we put a bay leaf on our pizzas before the chef collected the pizzas and cooked them for four minutes. Then the chef took them out of the oven and let our pizzas cool down before eating them. They gave us complimentary glasses with water in them for us to drink. After eating our pizzas we said our goodbyes and left for Merrion Square. Then we walked for around 10 minutes until we arrived at the park at Merrion Square. When we got to the park Mr O Connor let us play for 30 minutes. While at the park everyone played a big game of tag and ate our pizza on the benches. After playing for a while we eventually left to go to the bus stop. We waited for 10 minutes before a 77a bus came along and we got on it. After about 25 minutes on the bus we arrived back at school.      We all had a great time and were thankful to our teacher Mr O Connor for organising this trip and to the chef’s that helped us make the pizza!