The Eliminator is a hurling competition that third and fourth class can do. It takes place over four weeks. You have a minute to do the skill and have to do the skill move that has been chosen as many times as you can. You have two tries on the one skill but in the final you only have one go. On the first week we did the jab lift. On the second week we did the roll lift and on the third week we did the high catch which in my opinion was the hardest.  After the three weeks, everybody’s score got added up. The boys who get the five highest scores get through to the final. When I found out I was in the final I was very excited. In the final you have to do four different skills. The jab lift, the roll lift, the high catch and hand-passing. When the Eliminator started I decided to go to the park twice a week to practice. Everyone that got into the final got a prize. The prizes were two Dublin bottles, a Dublin key-ring, a Dublin jersey and a Dublin tracksuit top. When I found out I won the Eliminator I could not believe it. In my opinion the Eliminator is a very good idea it can help you improve your different skills.

By Sean