On Friday 8th November, three former Drimnagh Castle boys came into our school. It wasn’t just anybody, it was three Shamrock Rovers players Joey’ O ’Brien, Roberto Lopez and Brandon Kavanagh along with the The FAI Cup. As you probably know Shamrock Rovers beat Dundalk in the FAI Cup final on Sunday the 3rd of November. Roberto Lopez got Man of the Match for his key defending in the game. Joey O’Brien also took a vital penalty in the shootout.

When the three boys came in the doors of the packed hall full of the 450 boys cheered Roberto and the rest as they carried the trophy through the hall and then our boys asked a few questions to the players. The players also told us of their memories of the castle and some funny stories about some teachers and S.N.A’s who are still on the staff.

After we were done asking questions they let us come up to the top of the hall and if we wanted something signed they would sign it, after we all got a big photo with the three players.

We all had a great day especially the Shamrock Rovers fans and we would like to thank Joey, Roberto and Brandon for being so generous with their time. Hopefully someone currently in the school will return with an FAI cup, or even a Premier League!

By Charlie