Each year, the boys in Drimnagh Castle Primary have to do a fitness test twice in the year. We asked the teacher in charge of them, Mr.Briody some questions. When asked what are the aims of the tests? Sir answered are to measure the boys’ aerobic fitness levels. We asked sir if he thought the tests succeeded in its goal, to which sir replied that they were because they would do cross country and when they do the tests again, the test could measure the difference. Then we spoke to one of our bloggers who had come 2nd in his test. When asked did he enjoy the fitness test, he said that he did because he enjoyed getting fitter/keeping fit. Then we asked him what he found most challenging, to which he replied, the most challenging thing was when it got faster and he had to increase his speed. The fitness tests are very challenging tests that help our health. The boys try their best, and no doubt, they will improve.

By Jomo