September is the month of a new school year which means we start a lot of  new things including , our projects, boxing and our tests. Every Friday a boxing coach comes in and does a session with all of the sixth class boys. It starts with a warm up and then we do sparring. We do this for about half an hour. It is really fun and great exercise. After the session everyone is really sweaty. We are working towards fighting in the National Stadium

After our boxing training, I got the chance to interview our boxing instructor, Ed. He is a very good boxing instructor and he has been coming into our school for about 4 years now. He said he really enjoys watching us improve. He is really good friends with, Olympic boxer, Micheal Carruth, and learns a lot from him. He works at Esker boxing club and does boxing in about 14 other schools, so he is experienced.

There is a boxing club in Drimnagh and Crumlin and they are always looking for new members. Boxing is a great way to stay fit and healthy, and who knows some day we could be boxing stars.

By Daniel Halpin