Its back! The senior and junior hurling will be training four days a week. Senior Training is on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the juniors train every Thursday. Anyone who wants to join should ask the coaches Mr.ONeill,  Mr.OConnor and Mr.Devlin for a trial. The matches will be played in March and we will hope for a win. Everyday at training we do drills to get better at our skills and play matches at the end to get better at playing matches. Our coaches are always telling us to try our best and if we practice we will keep getting better. We always try to do a bit of hurling at home. When hurlers are walking around they always have a hurley in their hand. This makes you more used to your hurley. The best way to improve is to join a club. We have loads of clubs in our area. Crumlin, James Gaels and Good Counsel are always looking for new players. Especially hurlers that are as good as the boys from our school.

By Ciaran and Ryan

Senior Hurlers