This year’s football season is back. Our football team has been training since last Easter. The players are so excited. The team is going to give it their all this season. They will face some very good teams. If our team plays well and win most of their games they will go to Croke Park. Today the team will play their first match. Before the match I interviewed some of the coaches. First up is Mr.Conaghan. I asked him ‘What is your main goal for this season?’ He said ‘My main goal for this season is for everyone to enjoy playing and to see everyone improve their skills.’ Next up we have Mr.Briody I asked him ‘What style of play are you planning to use?’ He replied by saying ‘We are playing an attacking style. This includes us making quick foot passes into our full forward line. We also want to move the ball quickly from defence as we are small but quick.’ And last but not least Mr.Toher. This year Mr.Toher is leaving our school. Mr.Toher is an amazing coach and we are all sad to see him leave. So my question for Mr.Toher was ‘What is your favourite part of being a coach?’ He told me ‘My favourite part about being a coach is seeing my players improve.’  Also our coaches are amazing they take time of their lunch to train our team so I would like to give them a big thank you from all our team we are very lucky to have such amazing teachers. Now on to our junior team.

Much like our senior team our junior team is very strong they have also been practicing all year. They have some amazing talents including some 3rd Class boys. This year all of the junior teams matches will take place in a league. They will play a total of five matches. If some players play really well they might even get called up to the senior team.  Just like the senior team their coach is Mr.Conaghan and Mr.O’Connor.  All that’s left to say is good luck to our footballers. Come on the CASTLE!





By Charlie