The school leagues have gone fantastically this year, with most of the school’s students participating. They are a great way to get fit and improve your Gaelic skills. It consists of 8 teams made up of random students. All the teams have teacher mangers and two 6th class managers. The competition starts with group stages, then it advances to knockout stages. The final is the main event. This year Dublin and Leitrim got to the final. Leitrim got some pictures taken on the day of the final. Dublin followed out of the dressing room shortly after. All of the managers of the teams in the final were extremely nervous.



When the game started, Dublin immediately won the ball and gave it to Daniel Keogh to score a point to take an early lead. Almost straight after, he scored another point. What a game he was having. Nothing interesting happened for a couple of minutes with both teams cancelling each other out. All of a sudden, Leitrim go on a surprise attack. Aaron Waterhouse takes a shot and scores. Leitrim are a point up! In the next couple of minutes Leitrim score 2 points to win the final! They came into the match as underdogs and came out with a win. Aaron Waterhouse lifted the cup for Leitrim. They all ran off in celebration. The man of the match in the final has been decided and will be announced at assembly. Everybody tried their best and some fantastic skills were on show. Some lucky boys will be picked to play on the blue stars squad in the New Year.

By Daniel H