Here in Drimnagh Castle Primary School we have a senior Gaelic football team.

Every year it is up to Mr Toher, Mr Briody, Mr S. O’Connor, Mr Conaghan and Mr C. O’Connor to select boys to play for this team. It all starts with boys from 3rd, 4th and 5th class. If they want to play for the team they are called to the hall to be put onto teams for the school leagues. In the school leagues there are group stages, quarter finals, semi-finals and a final and everybody gets to play at least four games. There are 8 teams divided into two groups. If you come first in your group you play against the team who comes last in the other group.

Once the school leagues finish the boys that played in the league meet in the hall and all the sirs name the Blue Stars. There are also special awards for boys who worked really hard in the school league. There is Most Improved, mostly given to a fifth class boy who has improved their skills since previous school leagues. There is Rising Star, given to a boy from 3rd or 4th class who will probably be one of the best on the senior team. There is Most Valuable Player (MVP), this is given to a boy that gave the most value to their team in the league and of course Man of the Match in the final, awarded the player who worked his best in the final.

I mentioned earlier all the Sirs name the BLUE STARS. The blue stars are boys that impressed all the Sirs during the league. There are 3 teams for the blue stars, team 1 team 2 and team 3. Each team plays each other once. Then with that the sirs pick the best players to play for the junior and senior Gaelic football team. The junior football team go into their own league and they play there league, and they only get medals if they win. However if you play for the senior football team, there are group stages, quarter finals, semi-finals and the final. The final is played in Croke Park. If the team gets to Croke Park the whole school gets to come and support. If your school wins you get the cup, and of course you get a medal if you win or lose.

By Sean

Room 15