Last week, four teachers from Drimnagh Castle, Mr Toher, Mr Conaghan, Ms Sweeney and Ms. Byrne, travelled to Wales as part of the first trip of our Erasmus programme. Alongside teachers from Italy and Sweden, we were greeted and welcomed by two very friendly Welsh schools.

Throughout the week we received a lot of different types of training that we plan on implementing in Drimnagh Castle. We travelled to St Clare’s for IT training in Skype, 365 and iMovie. App’s that we will be introducing into our classes to allow communication between the schools from Wales, Italy and Sweden.

On Wednesday, we travelled to our second school Llanelli. Here we had problem solving training where we discussed how we would implement it into our own school. It is our plan that children from all 4 countries will be completing the same maths problems and communicating with one another how to do so.

On Thursday we went to Cardiff to the British council where we were trained in using ETwimmings, a site that will be used to connect the five schools and allow the children to safely share their videos and resources online.

The Welsh were fantastic hosts and gave us all a taster of some Welsh folk dancing and a traditional sing song.

It was a fantastic experience to see and compare how daily activities are carried out in other schools. The next trip will be to Sweden in May but in the meantime there is lots of fun work to be done as part of this three year project!

By Ms. Byrne