On Wednesday, 27th March, Joe McHugh, minister for education, visited Drimnagh Castle Primary School to introduce the School Inclusion Model (including all kinds of people). Representatives of news channels, newspapers and other forms of media had attended this occasion. It took place in the school’s hall. He also visited Ms. O’Brien’s class (Room 3) and watched them during their talk time programme. The minister asked them what they did and taught them the Irish word for flexible which is solúbtha. He was very impressed with them. We got the chance to attend the doorstep and interview the minister. These are the questions we asked him:

Q: What was your favourite memory from school?

A: Playing Football with my friends.

Q: What is the first thing you do when you get back to the office?

A: I talk to my staff as I think having a good friendship with them allows us to work closely together.

Q: Why did you stop teaching and become a politician?

A: I felt I could make a bigger impact on the country’s education, and one of my friends said I would be good for the job.

Q: What changes do you plan to bring to the country’s education?

A: I want students to develop a deeper understanding of Irish. I also want to link P.E with Irish so children will enjoy it. I also want to make it more relevant to the learners.

We also talked to Emma O’Kelly form RTE and Katherine Donnelly from the Irish Independent, who gave us advice on journalism and we had the chance to meet Catherine Byrne who is the Local TD.

Jomo and Charlie