Some boys from Drimnagh Castle went on a science trip on Tuesday the 4th of November. This trip was organised by the Trinity Access Programme (TAP). 6 boys from 6th class were picked to go – Rafael, TJ, Rhys, Ross, Cillian and I. We were brought by bus to the Teagasc campus in Co. Meath. Teagasc do lots of research on animals, food and also advise farmers. A few other schools were there too. We were brought to a conference room and when all the schools were seated one of the scientists told us what Teagasc was. After that, they also told us a bit about DNA and blood cells. We also got to go and see the lab. In the lab, they showed us all the different blood cells in the body of a cow. The scientists asked us “How many litres of blood are in a human body?” I guessed 7 and the answer was 5 but I was the closest so I won the prize. I really enjoyed myself and I found everything very interesting. At the end, they brought us all out to see the calves and they were very smelly. After that, we all went home on the bus to Dublin. It was a great day out and I would love to go again.

by Alex