Maths Week Drimnagh

In our school, maths is a big subject, so we were so excited to hear that it was maths week. We did all kinds of activities in our classes such as Mangahigh. This is a website where you can play maths games online to improve your maths skills. Children from other schools in Ireland and all over the world are also competing against us so it is great fun.

We also did a lot of maths groups in class. Each group was assigned a different task to complete. Most of the tasks were difficult puzzles. My favourite was the word problems. They were really enjoyable but also difficult. Here is an example. Jennie the old sheep dog is lazing around near the house. She counts the number of animals in the field. There are 11 of them, pigs and ducks. Then she counts the legs. She sees 28 legs. How many ducks are there?

There were also lots of tables races, which is a race to do a quick sum.  Mangahigh was pretty fun too. Our school was so good at it that we came 26TH in the world competition. Other schools were pretty good at it too. Everybody in the school participated and helped us get all our points. Some boys got over 150 points and got a medal. It’s worth it but it’s very hard to get that many points.

Classes all over the school participated in maths week and did a lot of cool activities such as the dice train, the number maze, word problems and matchstick puzzles. It was great fun and we all enjoyed it.

By Daniel