On Thursday, the twenty sixth of April, we celebrated our international food day. Everyone was called down to the hall at different times by me and Cillian. There were three classes in the hall at each time. There was food from all around the world. I liked the Bulgarian and Indian food the best. The Philippines food table had lots of colourful plates. One woman who was working there had a big hat with a boat integrated into it.

All the boys in the school brought in food for the celebration that they prepared with their parents. I brought in Tayto, Butter and Bread. I chose these because they were all made in Ireland. We made crisp sandwiches with the ingredients. My friend Nathan Mills cooked a bowl of pasta and brought it in. I was lucky I got to try some because it was so nice it was gone in a few minutes.

All the classes went down to the hall twice, and were very excited to do so. There was loads of food from India, France, Jordan, China, the Philippines, Pakistan and many more. everybody got loads to eat and at the end of the day there was nothing left.

By Daniel.