This year Mr.Toher left our school, after teaching for the last 9 years. Mr.Toher was an amazing teacher, he was the Gaelic team coach, and he also ran sports day, our Christmas fun run and the school leagues. I asked some of the teachers ‘What is your favourite memory with Mr.Toher?’ For this I asked two different teachers and Noelle (Our secretary). The first person I interviewed was Mr.Donnellan. He said his best memory with Mr.Toher was when they read a book called Bettys Banger and they would always laugh together. Next I asked Noelle she replied by saying on his first day she thought he was a student from a secondary school. Ms. Lawlor also had a good memory. Her best memory was when they would do the Fun Run because Mr.Toher would always cheer her on and help her complete the course.

Overall every teacher has good memories with Mr.Toher and we all hope to see him again and we wish him the best of luck in his new school.


By Charlie