Last week Robin Barry an Environment Specialist visited our school. Every class went down to listen to the talk. He showed us a slideshow of many things including animals losing their habitats, pollution and global warming. The first thing he did was ask us about different types of pollution. He asked us what types of pollution we knew. We only knew air pollution. He said air pollution mostly comes from cars, aerosol cans and airplanes. He said Water pollution is mostly caused by oil spills, sewage and plastic. Plastic in water is very dangerous to marine species as they might mistake it as food. Many whales are being found dead on shores and beaches with plastic in their bodies. There were two left called land pollution and light pollution. Land pollution is caused by overgrazing, nuclear waste, deforestation and pesticides. Land pollution could lead to infertile land which could mean less crops and plants and radioactive waste could cause deformities and cancer. Light pollution is caused by using artificial lights. It can cause health risks and disrupt the Eco-system. You might notice how in urban areas you cannot see the stars clearly but in rural areas they are clearer. All these forms of pollution are extremely terrible and can damage our future. Many animals necessary are losing their habitats from all this and it breaks the food chain. Certain animals that are more important than others for our good are pollinators, sea otters and animals that dig. Pollinators like bees pollinate flowers and work like natural fertilizers. They technically make food for other animals. Sea otters are important because they feed on sea urchins that devour kelp forests which many species live in. Diggers like the gopher tortoise and the gopher make burrows for other animals that cannot dig well. We also discussed global warming which increases temperature worldwide which melts the snow caps. The snow caps melting turns to water and it floods other countries. In the end we learnt that we need to prevent this as the next generation.

By Jasper