In Drimnagh Castle we have compost bins in every class. We are allowed to put apples, bananas, pears, kiwis and grapes. We are not allowed to put oranges in tin foil, plastic, wrappers and bread. A teacher in the school named Ms Sheridan runs the compost. In school we do a competition and every class is involved. We put tokens in a bag and put it on the door of the classes. If the class puts something bad in the compost that class gets a token removed. Each class gets 15 tokens at the start of the week. At the end of each week the class with the most tokens in the bag wins a homework pass for the whole class. This makes the boys put only good things in. Boys in fifth class in room 11, 12 and 13 go around each class and collect the compost. The three classes take turns collecting it every week. I was lucky enough to get this job and I love doing it when it’s my turn.

By Paul N. Room 12