A few days ago, it was climate action week and our school did a lot for it. The teachers talked to the students about how we affect the environment and ways we affect it and more importantly, can prevent it from getting worse. There was a quiz that we were given so that they know how much we knew about the situation.

Later, the school decided to have an art competition for anyone who wanted to make a drawing with a slogan and give it to the teacher of Room 7, Ms Sheridan. When all the submissions were gathered up, they chose some winners so they could come up to remake the drawings on cardboard so they could be bigger and better and painted. There were about six winners in total with a lot of different slogans.

The winner slogans were:

  • Say A Prayer For The Ozone Layer!
  • There Is No Planet B!
  • Less Power Could Be A Superpower!
  • Make it Clean and Keep It Green.
  • Want To See The Worst Of It? Take a Glance, The Earth has Already Used Its Second Chance.
  • The Animals Are Dying, Do You Want The Polar Bears Extinct Too?

On Friday, the school did a No Power Day. On the day, barely any power was used so most things that needed power were turned off, lights, laptops, interactive boards and the teachers just taught without them. On that day, students were allowed to bring in board games and they were allowed to play with their friends. The day was also Jersey Day were everyone donated to a charity named Goal. The day overall was really fun and I am sure a lot of the students would do it again.


By Ian