As it is Oscar season, we too in Drimnagh Castle have been putting on quite the performances!.It was the last week of school before the Christmas holidays so the school did what we do every year, The Christmas Concert! We do this every year on the last Tuesday and Wednesday before holidays. Every class did a play and some songs or some songs and some poems. Here is a list, a description and some good words about each and every single play performed on the stage on the day of The Christmas Concert.

  • Room 2 Ms. Murphy

The North Pole’s First Christmas

It was a play telling how Santa got his reindeer. It was an interesting and creative story.

  • Room 3 Ms. O’ Brien

The Christmas Star

A story of Christmas decorations coming to life and they wanted to be put on a tree, but a star rejects them until realising it is wrong to exclude people. It had great story and excellent acting from Terence E.

  • Room 4 Mr. Treacy

Christmas Around The World

A play saying you don’t need much to have a great Christmas. It had a great message in the story and great acting too.

  • Room 5 Ms. Tarpey

It Was The Day Before Christmas Holidays.

A story of the boys in a school excited for the holidays. It had great singing and expression in the story.

  • Room 6 Ms. Peacock

Christmas Cracker

It was a collection of different songs and poems. It had great singing and expression.

  • Room 7 Ms. Sheridan

Christmas 1915

A play inspired by the book War Game, when something magical happened

in World War I on Christmas. It had great acting, expression and voices.

  • Room 8 Ms. Keane


A collection of classic Christmas songs. There is a lot of great singers in that class. For example, Leo F sang  Last Christmas completely solo. He was excellent.

  • Room 9 Ms. Rogers

The Santa Interviews

A play about people interviewing Santa. It looks like loads of effort was put into it.

  • Room 10 Mr. Devlin

Making Me Holy Communion

A comedy where the boys dressed up as girls and talked about their Holy Communion and made jokes about their teachers. This play was hilarious.

  • Room 11 Ms. Mc Donnell

The Grinch

The classic story of The Grinch retold in the form of a play. Great Singing and Good Expression.

  • Room 12 Mr. P. Maher

Songs And Poem

A simple performance of poems and songs. Singing was acapella as always! Clearly a lot of effort was put into it.

  • Room 13 Ms. Wallace

Tir Na Og

An old tale from the history books. Great and really faithful to the original story.

  • Room 14 Mr. O’ Connor

The Late Late Toy Show

A comedy play based on the show. Hilarious and lots of enthusiasm.

  • Room 15 Mr. R. Maher

Songs And Drama

With lots of great songs and funny skits, it was very entertaining.

  • Room 26 Mr. Grehan

Another Christmas Carol

The classic story of the Scrooge but with a twist. (Where the Scrooge is a young boy in Drimnagh Castle).  It was a good twist to the story and great acting by Scrooge- Jake S..

  • Room 27 Ms. Martin

Let Us Entertain You!

A couple of short scenes from some familiar Christmas advertisments which were pretty entertaining, as the title suggests.

It had a lot of variety with all the scenes and it was great.


This year was packed with so many excellent plays and everyone did a great job. It is exciting to think what brilliant stories, songs or whatever is in store next year.


By Ian.