For The Green School Committee, our school hosts a competition where students can recreate the part of the bible where Jesus Christ was born in a stable and people came and gave gifts to them. These cribs must be made out of recyclable materials.

The school encourages boys to spend time making the cribs as a family and because of this, the cribs this year looked phenomenal. There were so much different creative ways to make these and all of the materials were only from home, with nothing bought.

For example, Valentino from Room 11 made a spectacular crib with his dad that took them around ten days to finish, but the time was well spent. His crib had so much effort put into it with so much detail and creative uses for different materials as can be seen below.

This year was one of the best years for cribs and every crib was made with care and creativity. All the great cribs could easily be sold in a shop they were so good. Mr. Duffy will give a small prize to every boy who took time to create a crib and some boys may receive an extra prize. Please make sure to bring your cribs home to enjoy and get the use out of them over Christmas.

By Ian