This September we got some new 6th class boys, some of these boys got selected for the bigger and more important jobs around the school, including P.E. boys, laptop boys, iPad boys and the litter picking boys to name just a few.

Jamie is one of the boys picked to do the P.E. job. I interviewed him about his new job. He said most of the time it was fun but hard also. He liked going around with the other boys (Sean and Luke) to the teachers to find out what they wanted for P.E and were they want it, then they go down to the hall. This, he said, was the hard part. He has to get everything out of the P.E room and set it up where the teacher wanted it set up. Then the boys went back to class, and when all the classes are done their P.E they go to where they had it set up, gather it up and puts it back in the P.E room neatly.

iPad boy Edward got interviewed about his job. He said he leaves his class early and goes to room 18, and gets 7 or 8 iPad’s off charge and he puts them in a box, he then looks at a time table and brings them to the class first on the timetable, and later on in the day he goes around to the classes with the iPad’s and takes them to room 18 and puts them all on charge.

Laptop boy Luke got interviewed about his job. He said he loves doing his job with his friends. (Kian, Cian, Tovyam, Nathan). Tovyam gets the key to the computer box, he opens the box and gets the others to help him take the computers off charge. He then brings the computers with the other boys to the room that asked for them. When the class is done with the laptops, the boys go and bring the laptops back to the box. Then the boys put the laptops on charge and then Tovyam locks the box and presses a reset button so all the laptops start charging again.

There is a lot of responsibility in 6th class because the teachers rely on the sixth class boys to help them organise the school to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has everything they need. It is hard work but it is great fun.

By Ronan L