In our garden there are many flowers and plants, there is even an insect motel . The garden is in its finest in spring because you can see all the flowers starting to open up and you can see its beautiful patterns. Some flowers you may see in season are snowdrops and daffodils. Having a garden is beneficial for the environment as the biodiversity attracts many wildlife creatures such as insects and birds. Pollinators like certain honeybees and solitary bees are attracted by the scents and bright colours so they eat the nectar of the flower but as they do it they rub off some pollen and when they move onto the next flower the pollen fertilises the eggs of another flower. Without pollinators in spring, a lot of fruits and vegetables would not grow so having lots of biodiversity is important.

in spring you will also hear a lot of birds singing in the morning. The birds you hear in the morning are male birds looking to mate. The early bird catches the worm, but also the mate, as less birds will be there so there will be more of a chance of finding a mate to have babies. You may think that the chirping sounds calm and relaxing, but really it is a male bird finding a mate. If you look carefully in some ponds you might see some frogspawn. Frogspawn looks like jelly and there are loads of eggs but not all of them survive. Tadpole are the result of the egg if it makes it through. They go through lots of change as their external gills internalise and they develop lungs, hind legs and arms. Tadpoles feed on plants in the pond to survive.

In spring the buds on the trees start to open and pretty soon they will all be covered in green leaves again. Spring is a great time of year because the days are getting longer and the weather is improving. I took some pictures of the signs of spring around our school garden.






By Jasper