In our school we do green schools. Every boy in the school is a part of it. There is a green schools committee in the school but only two boys from each class can attend the meetings.

We currently have 6 flags and we are trying to get are 7th flag. We earned our flags for litter & waste, energy, water, travel, biodiversity, global citizenship litter & waste and we are trying to get are 7th flag for global citizenship energy.

In green schools there are jobs for people to do. 6th class get to do litter picking and 5th class do composting. The litter pickers make sure that there is no litter visable around the school and the composters bring all the left over fruit and vegetables from the lunches to the composter.

They have meetings at lunchtime on Thursdays. Their goal for this year is to learn more about climate change and carbon footprints.

In our school we are environmentally friendly by recycling, W.O.W (walk on Wednesday) and composting.

Ms Sheridan is the teacher that is in charge of the green schools committee.

By Conor