The Yellow Bibs are the sixth class boys that look after boys in the yard. They tell people to follow the rules to keep other boys safe in the yard. The Yellow bibs have different jobs which include throwing the ball over the fence, blocking the gate, stopping people going into areas they are not supposed to be in and making sure everyone is ok.

I went to interview Ryan about his job as a yellow bib and how he likes his job.  He said it’s a fun job to but there is a lot of pressure handling all the boys. He said it was an enjoyable job as well. The hardest part to do is when boys mess, fight and run outside the gate to the field. Ryan’s job as a yellow bib is to make sure that boys stay in the yard by blocking the gate. He says the job requires a lot of responsibility. He would recommend the job to fifth class if they were willing to be responsible and not mess.

You should respect the yellow bibs as they are there to keep you safe and out of trouble so we now all know that being a yellow bib is a great job.

By Conor