Near the start of April a group of boys from each 6th class went on a trip.  We went to Trinity College where we had great fun. We left the school when school started. When we arrived a lady showed us many sites to visit. On the tour we were told a haunted story about one of the sites in the college.  The lady said that you will be cursed if you walk through it before you earn a degree. The funny bit was that a minute after explaining the arch’s consequences she led us through it.

In the 17th century two boys who went to the college, started to throw rocks at the headmaster’s window and smashed it. The headmaster came out with his rifle and took a shot at the students, but missed .The students took a shot and killed him. The boys were haunted by his spirit and in shock immigrated to America.  Some people say they see him in the window searching for those students.

We entered a nearby building and we saw the skeleton of an Irish elk also known as the Megaloceros Gigantus. We also saw  some minerals such as Gold, Zinc and Iron. After a look at the minerals we went to a room where we mixed probability and roulette. The teacher gave us 2 euro and there was a roulette with different colours on it. You could bet 10 cent or 50 cent on a colour.  The colours with the lowest probability gave more money. At the end of squandering our money the teacher said you could keep the money. At the end he explained the best colours to bet on which involved lots of ratios and fractions.

We were told a story there about the 1st elephant in Ireland, Tom. An English Royal ship crew found him when they were in Africa and decided to give him to the prince for his Birthday .The Prince was delighted with his present but when he got too big he gave him to the people of Ireland. The people fed him cake and rum. Later on in life he was sent to a zoo for accidentally killing someone. People say he died from either natural causes, an untreated broken ribcage or else drinking too much rum.

By this time we were starving so we ate Apache pizza with chips and juice it was delicious. After we went to the Sports Hall and we had a chance to do either rock climbing or fencing. Most of us were scared of heights so most of us chose the fencing. We chose to do fencing. In fencing we were thought how to stand and attack. The fencing swords are flexible and have a rubber point so you are not hurt as bad. We then left to get on the bus back home.

By Jasper and Nathan