This year room 27 got a visit from a person who works as a designer for TV3 as part of our junior achievement programme. The junior achievement programme helps to learn skills that you could use in the world. Sinead came in and was talking about shapes and designs in a lesson called the power of design. First, she was talking about her own job. She showed us a video about how shapes make up design and how we can improve designs. Next, we wrote out how we would feel if the world had no design. Then we drew and wrote some designs before finally picking out jobs we would like to do. Then we were writing down words and drawing a picture of the words. After that lesson, we got a big white sheet of paper and drew a way to get to school. At the end, we got a certificate from TV3. If we were to give it marks out of ten we would give it a ten. Thanks to Sinead and TV3 for her time and for helping us understand the power of design.

By Ben F