The boys in Room 26 started their challenge with 250m and gradually went up 250m every day and their goal by Christmas is 5km.

We are doing this for our physical and mental health so that we are fit and healthy when we are adults.

At first the run was tiring for some people to get used to it but by 750m everyone had pride in their selves and kept going for all the runs together and now we are at 2.75km.

During the run boys would go together like Craig and Bien, Jayden, Sean and Harley and Alex and Jack, Michael and Alen and, Moad and Evan and everyone else goes as a team.

The runs would usually take place in the yard but once or twice we did our runs on the pitch.

We all enjoy doing the run and getting fitter every day and we try our best and it does not matter where you come.

We hope more adults and children across the world do the 5km challenge because it will keep everyone fit and healthy during these strange times.

Everybody in the class is enjoying doing the runs and cannot wait until we reach our milestone of 5km by Christmas.

At the end of the day when we are doing our run we are just having a bit of fun.


By Craig Rooney and Jayden Haslam