For science week in 6TH class we did two experiments


EXPERIMENT- 1: To start science week we did an experiment to tie in with our maths lessons. We got plastic cars and built ramps out of school books for the cars. Each person built their own ramp.

Then we measured what angle the ramp was at and how far the car travelled. Then we did the same thing but with wooden ramps. In the end we concluded that the cars that we pushed down the wooden ramps travelled further than the cars we pushed down the book ramps.


EXPERIMENT-2 To test our lung capacity we put a tube in a 5 litre bottle of water. And then we turned it upside down. Then one by one we blew into the tube [making sure we wiped the tube after every turn]. When you blow into the tube the bottle starts emptying because the air is pushing the water out of the bottle. At the end how much water was left in the bottle we subtracted by five and that is your lung capacity. That was room 14 science week I hope you enjoyed.

This article was by Jake room 14