Last week we went to Bloom 2019. The first the thing we did was food dudes. A man told us about how to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs at home. After that we went to a little garden where a man told us about bees, butterflies and other types of insects and how they help the environment. Then we went to the farm and a woman told us about dairy cows and two girls told us about two meat cows that they won in a competition. Another woman told us about sheep. We went to the super gardens. We got to look around at all of them. There was a fish tank with sand and plastic in it around the fish tank to show what our beaches will be like if we don’t stop littering. Ms Lawlor bought all of us an ice-cream after that and we went to see a Debenhams fashion show. We looked at all the flowers and we saw a dress made out of flowers then we went back to school.

By Bobby

Room 14