The boys in 6th class went on a trip to Kilmainham Gaol after having been doing a project on the 1916 Easter Rising. We got to have a look at the leaders cells and a few of the people involved belongings and letters, we also got a look at one of the original copies of the proclamation. The guide showed us the prisoners exercise and we gave it a go it was easy considering it was just walking in a circle. She also told us that back then people wanted to get thrown into Kilmainham Gaol because even though you were getting fed quite little you still got fed more than outside of Kilmainham. We were shown a video of the other rebellions besides the one that took place in 1916. After the tour we headed into the museum to have a look at the artefacts. All of the boys enjoyed the trip, the bus was quick and got the us back to school for some hard work.

By Alex