Is there people still in the jail?
No its just for tours now.

What does inside the prison cell look like? There is three different types of cells one for the rich people and a new cell and old
cell and inside there is only beds and buckets for the toilets.

Why is Kilmainham Jail so famous? It is famous because a lot of people were executed

How big is the jail? There is 110 cells in the jail.

What food did they get? They got bread and water.

When was the jail built The jail was built in 1796.

Why did the class go to Kilmainham Jail? His class was learning about the Easter rising.

We walked to Kilmainham Jail from Drimnagh Castle. It took us 45 mins to walk there. There was also tour guider to guide us
around the jail.

There was also a museum there.

We really thought this was an interesting tour.


By John Fitzimons (Rm 15), Aitor and Jhon.