On Thursday the 30th of May the 6th class room’s 27 and 14 went to Kevin’s St. Garda station for a day out. At a quarter to ten then we went to get the Dublin bus, after a while on the bus we got off at St. Patrick’s Cathedral’s stop and walked down to the entrance of the station. After a few minutes of waiting for our tour guides (the Gardaí) came to take us into the station. Once we got in they spoke to us about the station, then they showed us memorabilia of the stations trophy’s and pictures. Then they showed us a collection of badges from police forces all around the world. After this they split us up into groups and with a different Garda to bring us around the station. They brought us around to many different spots of the station such as: the entrance where people got there passport signed by the GardaI, then they took us to the camera and calls room where they looked over the whole station and took the calls from people that are hurt or need help by the Gardaí or ambulance, then they brought us to a hall where everything was recorded including sounds so the people in the camera room can hear and see everything that happens in the hall of cells/ speaking about cells after that we went around all the cells, for kids 12 to 18 they got a bigger cell but adults just have a small little room. He spoke a little about this blue bar against the wall and just a slight touch against it would sound an alarm and many Garda would come running to aid in case it was serious and the inmate was attacking the Garda.  Then before we left we went up to the balcony gardens and they gave us a drink a packet of crisps and some sweets. There was also a Garda dog with one of the Garda to speak about the dog and what breed it was. Before we left for home we went to the park beside the cathedral and eat our lunch after we were done we went to get the bus and went home for 1 o clock, after that it was just a normal afternoon of school.


By Ronan and Cian

Room 27