A volunteer from the G.O.A.L Charity came to Drimnagh School to educate the boys in the school (and possibly the teachers too) about what they do, what they’re doing right now and what’s happening in Ethiopia at the moment. We had a fundraiser earlier in the year to raise money for this wonderful charity.

She did a lot of activities with us like dancing and drama. She then showed us pictures of her time in Ethiopia while telling us stories of what she did there. We finished off with some more drama (it was really fun). The visit was very enjoyable and we all thought it was entertaining and educational.

We then thought about how lucky we are and why we should be thankful. We are in a developed country; countries like Ethiopia are developing countries .Developing countries are behind when it comes to technology. People in countries like these rarely have smartphones and don’t usually have a lot of food and water, while a lot of children in developed countries are complaining to our parents because we don’t like the food and leave it to waste or they’re complaining to their parents that they don’t have the latest iPhone or gaming console. The reality for children in Ethiopia really struck a chord with the boys in room 27, we are very lucky with what we have.


Room 27