Genius hour started in Google when they gave their employees 20% of their time to work on their own idea. This made a big company 3M which you might know from projectors. Our class [Room 5] are doing Genius hour every Friday. Genius hour give us one hour every Friday to do a small project on whatever is your passion.

I interviewed Ciaran F., a boy in my class who is doing Genius hour. Ciaran decided to do his Genius hour on Steve Jobs. I started with why did he pick Steve Jobs? He said “I found Steve very interesting because he was very successful in making the company Apple and reviving it from bankruptcy.

I asked Ciaran how he found his passion? He answered with “I was watching a film on the telly and remembered that I had to do something for Genius hour eventually and I found it inspiring.” My final question was tell me a quick summary about him? He replied with “He made the first iMac in his garage and he left Apple and bought them back and merged with Nex and revived them from bankruptcy”. Have you been inspired? What would you do your project on?