On Thursday 8th October Garda Barry John and Sergeant Stephens visited Drimnagh Castles 6th class

They came in to tell us about Halloween safety and how dangerous fireworks and bonfires are.   They showed us an x – ray of a hand that was severely injured in a firework related incident. Fireworks are illegal and if you are caught with one in your possession you will be fined. The reason being is that most of them come from dodgy Chinese companies .To use a firework you must have a permit and you must also have studied them.

Sergeant Stephens told us at over 1000 emergency services calls, Halloween is the busiest night of the year for the Garda and Fire brigade alike. This draws them away from real incidents like car accidents and house fires.

They told us a horrifying story about pet being thrown into a bonfire because it was not locked up accordingly. They advised us to keep our pets locked up and give them a treat for the night.

They also advised us to wear lights and/or high-vis equipment so cars can see you and avoid an accident.

We would like to thank Garda Barry for coming in and we hope the boys will take this new information into the midterm break. Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween

By Alex G and Conor L