The boys in 6th Class have recently finished their annual European Country Projects.

The European Projects were to consist of five important topics such as; History, Geography, Famous People, Famous Foods and a fact file. The European Projects were to be in by the 24th of October 2018, meaning the 6th Class Boys had approximately three weeks to complete their European Country Projects.

I chose France as the country of my European Country Project, which required a lot of hard work and also a lot of dedication.

The five topics that I picked for my European Country Projects were Famous People, Famous Foods, Information about the Flag, A Fact file and Culture.

I’ll admit I did find this challenging but at the same time fun. The 6th Class teachers, [Mr. Conaghan, Ms. Martin, Ms. Byrne and Mr. Maher], instructed their students to complete their European Country Projects on an A3 sized poster paper.

I learned a ton of information about France that I would have never known before if I didn’t pick France as the country for my European Country Project such as the language and the famous people.

My mother printed out photographs for my project for which I am very grateful. They fitted in nicely with the information I wrote on certain topics.

The boys were permitted to bring in their projects before the due date given but only if it was to standard and finished completely. It was important that the boys’ projects were completed to high standards as the grade of their project goes towards their graduation.

At times the project got hard, [Sticking the information on the poster paper], I enjoyed it very much so.

By Jamie C

Room 27