This week was engineers week .We had to make devices for an egg drop challenge. Today four engineers came into all of the 6th classes to help us with the challenge. Their names were Brad, Eshmar, Aaron and Damien. Damien was a past student of our school. They work for the Waterman Group as engineers. They also told us what they do on a day to day basis. Aaron and Damien are both structural engineers, Eshmar is a mechanical engineer and Brad is a civil engineer. They all do different types of jobs like working on really tall buildings, bridges, roads, footpaths and machinery. Damien and Aaron told us that he wanted to become an engineer because when they were younger they loved to design and build things out of Lego and Knex. Brad wanted to become an engineer to help out with the problem of flooding in Cork and Eshmar loved looking at machines and how they worked.

Before they came in we had to design a device to help an egg survive a high drop. Here are our ideas and how we came up with our contraptions. Jacks device was called the popcorn egg 9000. Here he is describing his plan. “I designed it by putting the egg in a popcorn bag and putting wet tissue around the egg. I kept some popcorn inside the bag to make it a more protected landing. I sello-taped the bag up and threw it out the upstairs window of the school. My contraption weighed 190 grams.”

Next Nathan describes his idea called Johnson. “My idea was that I got a Johnson’s cotton bud box. I put tissue on the side and the bottom to protect the egg while it is in the air and stop it from coming out of the box. I put the egg in bubble wrap to protect the egg when it hit the ground. I put the handles of a plastic bag inside the box to act as a parachute. I put a lid on the box and my contraption was ready. I was the judge of the challenge. I had to wear a high-vis jacket and hard hat. I made a list of everyone’s device and kept track of whether they were successful or not.”

Finally Evan describes his device called the extra-terrestrial. “I made mine using foam, tape and an egg holder from an egg carton. I taped two equal sized pieces of foam together for the bottom. I got four other pieces of foam and I taped it to the sides to make it look like a box. I cut a bit out of the middle of the foam and then I taped the egg holder into it. I put another piece of foam on top to act as a lid. When the egg was put inside I taped it closed.”

Everyone in the class threw their device out the window of the upstairs corridor. We recorded the results. 13 designs were successful but 8 eight ended up smashed. All of our designs were successful. All the successful devices were weighed to see which ones were the lightest. Yoan’s was the lightest weighing only 20 grams and he got first prize. Conor and John came second and third. Overall we had a very good time.







By Nathan, Evan and Jack. Room 15