This year the boys in 6th class traveled to Delphi by train and stayed in a hostel. The boys did loads of activities including surfing, kayaking, high ropes and rock climbing. The boys got three meals a day and then a cookie or a donut at night after activities.

All the boys who went had to meet at Hueston Station at 7 o’clock in the morning and the train left at half past.  When the boys arrived at the hostel they deposited they’re bags and where shown around and shown their timetables.  The boys had activities at 9:30am, 1:50pm and 7pm.

After they were shown their rooms the boys went to their first activity.  The boys were split into seven different groups and the different groups done different activities.On the first day my group went surfing in the sea.  Afterwards the boys went back to their rooms to shower and change.  They then went down to a dinner of rice, pasta and meatballs.

My second activity was energizers. We went down to the Adventure Hub and played games like dodge-ball and elephant football. Then we were allowed to ring our Mam and Dad on our phones. By 11 o’clock at night everyone had to be asleep.

The next day was almost the same except we went kayaking, climbed the high ropes and built a campfire. On our last day we went rock climbing and Delphi gave us food for the train home.

I really enjoyed it and thought it was definitely worth every penny.  The rooms were really nice and the activities were amazing.  I just wish it was a bit closer to home! Delphi is in the middle of the countryside and so it is very quiet as there are no big towns for miles and miles. There is also no internet so there is no playing games while your there. We didn’t miss having technology because we were so busy.



By Alex