On the 04/06/2019 Barry a policeman from Sundrive Road, Garda Station, came into  school at half 9. The 6th class boys brought their bikes in to school for a cycling lesson. The cycling lesson was only for the 6th class boys. The boys went to get their bikes and then went out into the school yard and started cycling for a warm up. They cycled around the yard for a few minutes. After cycling in the yard they did some obstacle courses. The boys had lots of fun cycling around the obstacle courses. Some students from 6th class who did not bring a bike in to school would have to share a bike with someone else. Our group had a race against another group. We had to bring our bike in for 2 days since we had 2 cycling lessons. We learned the rules of the road and how to cycle properly and safely if you were cycling on the road. Even Will got to have a go!!!









By Tovyam

Room 27