This years sixth class boys have already finished cross country they did it on the field at around 2pm. They ran every
Monday Wednesday and Friday. The classes that did it were room 15 room 27 and room 26. In race one they started with only three laps around the field and ended with five laps. Race two started with two laps and ended with four laps.
Race three started with one lap and ended with three laps. If you got first place you got 10 points and all the way to tenth place getting 1 point. Some times we had to cancel the races because it was raining and the total amount of races they did was 12 times. The winners of cross country were room 15.


Cross country is something we do for fitness in Drimnagh Castle. Us sixth classers had to do a seeding race so the
teachers could put us in the right races. Race 1 was for all the people who did 3 laps , race 2 did 2 laps ,and race 3 did 1 lap. All the races got put up a lap each week. We did the cross country on the grass pitch.

The winners of each race got 10 points, and the people who got 2 and place got 9 points and so on. We did it every 2 days at 2 pm. There was 3 classes who were participating. Rm 15,rm 27 and rm 26. It was very tiring running for a long
time. At the end, all of the classes totaled all of their points to see who won. Then at the award presentation, we were told who the winning class was.






By Aitor & Jhon