In our school every year we do Cross Country.  We do Cross Country to help the boys get fitter. The boys in second class even run, as you get older you get more laps. In second class you can run up to 3 laps, and in sixth class you can run up to seven or eight laps. When you finish Cross Country one class will win a trophy. Your class can win Cross Country by getting boys in the top ten. When you get top ten, you get points. For coming 10th you get 1 point, and if you come 1st you get 10 points!


Now I will interview Jomo a boy from 6th Class. My first question was, how hard is Cross Country running for you? He answered by saying “When I start I feel fine but on the last few laps it gets harder.” My second question was how do you feel after Cross Country? He replied by saying “I feel more energetic after Cross Country because I love being able to get out in the fresh air.”

Cameron wrote a paragraph about Cross Country. Here are his thoughts.

“Every year in my school we do something called cross country. It is we run around our pitch which is the most tiring thing I have ever done. Because the pitch is massive and we have to do 5 Laps around the whole thing in sixth class. In a week we do it 3 times and we have to bring in our gear or else we can’t run. Cross country is fun but it is a challenge for me. I know I am getting fitter, because I don’t run out of breath as easily as I used to. There are 3 races; race 1,2 and 3. I’m in race 2 race 3 does 4 laps, 2 does 5 laps and 1 does 6 laps. Lets just say I would not want to be in race 1.”

By Charlie