We were learning about college awareness and a zoologist came in named Collie Ennis. He was a student in Drimnagh Castle and Mr Duffy taught him in room 14 next door to us. He had a love for animals since he was young. He started off as a Karate teacher in Trinity College then a security guard in Trinity. He started to poke around zoology department. The professor noticed that he had a lot of knowledge in zoology, so they hired him to become a professor. Even though he didn’t go to college. He brought in all sorts of animals in such as a snake, toad, tarantula, snail and cockroaches

  • Did you know that toads explode because crows poke a hole in there liver, then they puff up in self-defence and they blow up?
  • Some snakes can glide for 500m in the air
  • Snakes still have small legs since they evolved from lizards.
  • Cockroaches hiss at their predators when they feel under attacked.
  • Collie told us loads of cool stories from when he was abroad. He is so lucky to get out and travel the world and do what he loves every day.

By Alfie & Elyas Room 15