Our school is college aware. Recently our class did our own student ID cards as part of College Awareness Week. On our ID cards we had to draw our faces on the top right corner of the card and our teacher put the crests of Trinity College, UCD, DIT and DCU we looked at the prospectus of UCD and DIT on the UCD site. We went into the science digital edition, most of our class were surprised that science is not just one course but that it had many branches such as biology, mathematics, computer science , geology and many more. We also discussed that if you wanted to become an architect you would more than likely have to study Tech graph because you learn how to represent 3D objects on paper

Mr. Briody gave us a sheet with a thought bubble on it, we were given scissors to cut out the bubble and we wrote down what our dream job would be. We also tried to decide what course we would take, where would you work and what skills would you need. For example, if you were to be a surgeon you would need a steady hand, be clean and you would probably work in a hospital. Paula laminated the ID cards so they would look more real.

Mr. Lawlor went to our school.  He is a teacher in Drimnagh Castle Secondary School. He told us about when he went to college. He went to DCU and did a course in arts and his subjects were English and History. Mr Lawlor went to America to study and he obtained a master degree.  When he returned he did a diploma in education to be a teacher, he really enjoyed college.

Lots of boys in 6th class decided what their dream jobs would be in the future and we really enjoyed learning about college. we are very excited about going to college.


By Jasper