It was College Awareness Week, a week to make sure children in school are clear on how college works. On each day of the week, the teachers did a different activity with the students in the class.

Starting off on Monday, the activity was to make an ID card. This is because in college, students have an ID card that says their name, college course and student number. These ID cards also allow you to access certain parts of the college when you are there.

On Tuesday, the students were asked what their dream job or jobs are and other questions like “What requirements do you need for this job?” and “Where would you work?” It was really interesting seeing all the different answers and the variety of jobs people said they wanted to do.

On Wednesday, it was an art activity. The students made graduation hats from pieces of card, string, scissors and tape. What some other classes did was that they transformed their classroom into what looked like a college campus with different parts of the classroom being made into different rooms.

On Thursday, we were separated into groups and we were shown what a prospectus is. A prospectus is a huge detailed document which shows all the things you can study in college and what you do based on what you want to graduate in. It is full of information for different types of courses. It shows all the things you do in the years that you are there and fifth year I included if you choose to do a master’s degree.

Finally, on Friday we just did a normal word search sheet and some dictionary work in our copies. Nothing complicated, it was pretty simple.

The purpose of college awareness week was clear after the activities were done so I think it was successful in trying to make kids aware of what college holds for students in this and many other schools.

By Ian