Every year our school organises a Christmas fun run. All of the boys are allowed to wear red clothes and / or a Santa hat. The boys from room 27 set up an obstacle course for us all to have fun completing. Your class will continue working as if it is a normal day until you are called by a boy from room 27. One by one each class will make their way down to the hall. We line up in twos and then two by two you will run from the hall into the yard. There you start the obstacle course. Each class will get to do the obstacle course twice. Every participant pays two euro. This money is used to buy new P.E equipment for the school.

Mr. Toher and the boys in room 27 put a lot of effort into organising the fun run so everyone would have a great day. It is really enjoyable and I am going to miss the fun next year but it was great this year.

By. Alex