On Friday the 6th of December, some of our boys went to the National Boxing Stadium to box against other schools as part of the Gold Boxing Program which we do every year in our school. Every 6th class boy completes the bronze program as part of their PE. Some continue on and complete the silver program and some lucky boys get to fight in the National Stadium as part of the Gold Program.

Around six boys boxed from each of the three sixth classes against boys who completed the program from schools all around Dublin. We brought all 6th class boys down to the stadium to support our lads who all left everything in the ring. Our supporters were also very loud as usual.

I interviewed a boy who done the boxing and got fight of the night, his name is Cillian Ryan Burke. ‘It was a good fair fight, the boy I was against was a very good boxer. Hopefully I meet him again in the ring’. ‘I wasn’t very nervous, I got a nosebleed in the second round but it was ok because most of the time I spar I get a nosebleed.” said Cillian.

We all really enjoy the program and huge thanks must go to our coaches Ed and Mick from Esker BC. You can train in Crumlin, Esker, Drimnagh, Tallaght. It’s a great way to stay fit and healthy and make new friends too.

By Charlie